Our models are as different as night and day. We want to support the filmmakers and producers in creating the best possible end result and the highest possible value. We also understand that sometimes you have to spend money to make money, so through our capital partners we are ready to do that. No presales allowed, no overpaying for talent to fit some archaic foreign sales model, and much more.
We are willing to match funds at different percentages (depending on the projects approval through our team and platform) to fund the entire budget. So why get little value preselling your film or project when you can retain the true value of the end result.
We understand that if we are changing the model of traditional we might also need to support the projects on our platforms by securing and advancing P&A funds for marketing purposes. We take that into consideration and having a partner in IADOWR Films that believes in your project will go a long way in getting your work seen and profitable.